Let's Experience Design

Let's Experience Design by WEE/ YUKTASEVI

165 x 240 x 25mm

Design lives in everything we do. In supermarket queues, we find design baked into how the cashier tallies our total and the way we pay. In instant messaging apps, design disarms us with an emoji, or thoughtfully lets us mute notifications. Every interaction and space we experience was designed in some way. Yet, the design of these experiences is too often seen as the exclusive domain of design wizards and secretive geniuses. The ONGfNG Experience Design Studio believes design is for everyone. Here, they de-mystify the five-stage method they use for a variety of projects. How did they rethink the banking experience for Gen Y? How did they fuse the traditional and modern in a heritage shophouse? They share their philosophy and the rationale behind specific design decisions because they want to communicate a simple message: you can design too. And by walking you through the thoughts and steps they take from a project's brief to its conclusion, they hope you find the inspiration and chutzpah to design a whole lot of delightful experiences! AUTHOR: Mark Wee is the Director of the ONGoNG Experience Design studio. He is an award-winning architect, artist, and design thinker. Mark has also coached numerous private and public sector organisations on using design thinking to solve difficult challenges including policy issues, to building innovation cultures, rethinking educational approaches, and even training future government leaders to be more empathetic. He studied architecture at Cornell University, and also speaks and teaches regularly on both architectural design, design thinking, and service innovation. Ken Yuktasevi is the Co-Director of the ONGsNG Experience Design studio. He is a designer, artist, and cultural entrepreneur. He specialises in the field of experiential design, working across the fields of architecture, interior design, branding, and organisational transformation. He studied arts and design at Stowe College in the UK where he received the Roxburough Prize for Architecture. He then received a BA in firm and cinematography at Bond University in Australia. His passion for telling human stories on celluloid compelled him to recreate that experience in 3D space.

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