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    By: Dr Phillip McGraw

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    Stop making Excuses! Do What Works Do What Matters

    Take a good hard look at your life. Are there things you are unhappy with? Your life is your responsibility; the choices you made yesterday brought about the life you have today. If you don't like what you have, then get ready to act and move on.

    In 'Life Strategies', Dr McGraw's powerful, straightforward advice helps you understand your role in shaping your life and tells you how to make dramatic changes. Whether it's a bad relationship, a dead-end career, or a harmful habit, Dr McGraw helps you wake up and get out of your rut. It is never too late to take charge of, and be responsible for, your life.

    Dr McGraw explains that there are 10 Life Laws necessary to succeed, including:

    - There are no accidents
    - People do what works
    - Life rewards action
    - Life is managed, not cured
    - You cannot change what you do not acknowledge

    Dr Phillip C McGraw is the person Oprah credits with helping her win the Amarillo beef trial. He is a trial scientist with over fifteen years' experience in the psycho-legal system. Dr McGraw is President of a litigation consulting firm leading a team comprising experts from many fields. He is a key member of Oprah Winfrey's 'Change Your Life TV' team.

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