Lifespan Investing: Building The Best Portfolio For Every Stage Of Your Life

Lifespan Investing: Building The Best Portfolio For Every Stage Of Your Life by Clifford Pistolese

By: Clifford Pistolese

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Accumulate wealth at every stage of life under any market condition

The smartest, healthiest way to invest is for the long haul. In The Lifespan Approach to Investing, veteran investor and author Clifford Pistolese deftly explains the need for this approach and provides proven techniques for maximizing wealth at every age and stage of your life.

Presenting an age-based portfolio management plan, Pistolese outlines three different strategies based on where you are in your life cycle. He reveals the best ways to take advantage of capital gains opportunities during bull markets, avoid loss of capital during bear markets, and increase your assets and income flow during range-bound markets. Pistolese also gives you failsafe procedures for evaluating the timeliness of potential investments, from stocks and bonds to ETFs, REITs, TIPS, and more.

Now you can secure your financial future with:

- A solid investment strategy designed to multiply your assets over your lifetime
- Valuable internet resources to help you select investments based on your financial retirement objectives and level of risk tolerance
- Useful charts that illustrate common price patterns, trading volume characteristics, moving averages, trendlines, price breakouts, key reversal days, and much more
Publication Date:
03 / 09 / 2007

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