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    By: Richard Lawrence

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    Following the success of the 'Little Book Of Karma', Richard Lawrence presents a handy guide to yin and yang.

    The entire cosmos is composed of two natural, complementary forces: yin and yang. Every thought, every action, every impulse and every manifestation is composed of these two. They are opposing, yet one cannot exist without the other. To understand them is a secret of life. To harness their energies is a secret of living.

    Yin and yang are not restricted to philosophy, science, medicine, religion or anything else - they pervade all of them. All life is composed of these two contrasting, balancing and equally essential aspects: left- and right-hand sides of the body, male and female, positive and negative polarities, day and night, breathing in, breathing out.

    This book contains more than 100 aphorisms, laid out with yin on the left-hand page and a balancing yang on the facing right-hand page - for example, the Yin of Calm and the Yang of Charisma. In addition, there are easy-to-follow exercises to encourage balance.

    This is a pocket guide to a harmonious life which covers such subjects as religion, health, wisdom, nature, east and west, stress and much more.

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