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    By: Henrietta Branford

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    It's late at night. The stars are shining softly, but no matter how hard he tries, little Pig Figwort just cannot fall asleep. He tosses and he turns, he wriggles and he jiggles. Finally he realises, "I am a pig who likes to have fun!" So, pulling on his deep-sea diving suit, he squeezes into his submarine and dives to the bottom of the ocean. But the mermaids are trying to sleep . . . Who else can Pig Figwort find to play with in the middle of the night?

    Claudio Munoz's irresistably funny illustrations bring to life this enchanting little character. The book is ideal for bedtime reading, with its humour and vivacity transforming at the end into sleepy security that will lull all listeners to sleep.

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