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    By: Harry Horse

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    Christmas is coming and all Little Rabbit wants is a shiny red sledge. When he wakes up on Christmas morning he isn't surprised that he can't find it in his stocking because that's a little small for a sledge. But when he cannot find it under the Christmas tree either, or stuck up the chimney, or under his parents' bed, he is heartbroken! 'I only wanted a sledge,' he weeps, until Papa tells him to stop crying and look outside. And there it is - all shiny and red and new, just waiting for Little Rabbit to play on it. He feels very proud when his friends gather round to admire his wonderful present, but they want to play on it, too! Little Rabbit thinks that's not fair - it's HIS sledge and HE'S the only one allowed to ride it! What will make him learn to share?

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