Living Rich by Spending Smart

Living Rich by Spending Smart by Gregory Karp

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As The Millionaire Next Door revealed, and millions of Americans now realize, building wealth isnt just about working harder or what you choose to invest in: its about spending smarter. Now, award-winning Tribune Company personal finance columnist Gregory Karp shows how to do just that. This book isnt about depriving yourself: you dont have to become a "financial anorexic," and you wont have to start dumpster diving! Instead, Gregory Karp shows how to build real, long-lasting wealth by plugging the money leaks youre barely even aware of, and making sure you spend with a purpose. Drawing on everything hes learned writing his prize-winning weekly column, Karp reveals surprisingly painless, little-known techniques for eliminating wasteful spending in every area of your financial life. Karp shows how to spend on what you really care about, not what you dont... understand the real value of comparison money in giving gifts without becoming a cheapskate. Karp shows how to slash your phone bill... spend less on food without changing what you like to eat... eliminate spending leaks in insurance, education, entertainment and beyond. From the clothes you wear to the cars you drive, Living Rich by Spending Smart will help you build a life thats truly rich, because its truly financially secure.
Publication Date:
23 / 01 / 2008

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