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Leslie S. Pratch is a practicing psychologist who focuses on assessing and coaching executives who occupy or are candidates for top positions in business organizations. In this book, she shares insights from more than twenty years of executive evaluations and offers an empirically based approach to identify executives who will be effective within organizationsand to flag those who will ultimately failby evaluating aspects of personality and character that are hidden beneath the surface. Pratch compares candidates with impressive careers and tries to determine which ones are likely to act with consistently high integrity and exhibit sound, timely judgment when faced with unanticipated business problems. Central to effective leadership is a psychological quality called active coping, which Pratch defines and explores by referencing case studies, historical figures, and her own scholarly work. This book speaks not only to those in hiring positions and their advisors but more widely to leaders and anyone who wishes to learn more about their own character and the abilities of those around them. She offers knowledge, asks questions, and challenges common perceptions, providing a practical tool for those in business and for general readers.
Publication Date:
01 / 07 / 2014

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