Loosening the Grip: A Handbook of Alcohol Information

Loosening the Grip: A Handbook of Alcohol Information by Jean Kinney
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Accessible and comprehensive, Loosening the Grip remains an authoritative source for information about alcohol use and the problems associated with it, while also addressing the relationship between alcohol use and other drug use. This text presents the physical and psychological effects of alcohol alongside the impact of alcohol use on family and society. Special attention is given to addressing the range of responses to alcohol problems, prevention, harm reduction, brief treatment, engagement in treatment and aftercare, and addressing high risk drinking. Along with providing a historical foundation for the discussion of substance use, the book explains the facts about this complex issue in clear, engaging language. Loosening the Grip is widely recognized as a useful resource for future and current health care workers—substance abuse clinicians, school counselors, mental health workers, community nurses, and others.
Publication Date:
08 / 05 / 2014

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