Lost and Found by Arthur Caliandro, Barry Lenson
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Spiritual leader Dr. Arthur Caliandro provides the tools to forge a life of growth, happiness, and new possibilities

In an era where technology and social reforms have given us more freedom than ever before, many still struggle with feelings of isolation and fear. With Lost and Found,the beloved and highly respected Dr. Arthur Caliandro offers us comfort during these difficult times by giving us ways to tap into our limitless personal resources. His simple, unique, and profound insights teach us how to:

Embrace struggle

Understand the difference between good and bad anger

Get past regret and self-pity

Discover our right place in the world

Take concrete action to overcome worry

Gain strength from personal symbols

Dust off our dreams and realize the best is about to happen

Lost and Found gives practical strategies for lifting our lives to new levels of happiness, freedom, and personal growth.
Publication Date:
22 / 08 / 2003

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