The Lost Diary Of Leonardo's Paint Mixer

The Lost Diary Of Leonardo's Paint Mixer by Alex Parsons
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130 x 196mm

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Newly discovered though age-stained notebooks reveal that Leonardo da Vinci - artist, inventor, scientist and engineer - was a real slowcoach! Quick to spot a new angle on something, he was a disaster when it came to finishing his homework. Astonishing details of the colourful life of this genius are described by his studio assistant, Luigi Cannelloni.

Luigi's story of life among the Colourful Set in Renaissance Italy has been sniffed at by art historians ever since his tatty notebook was discovered in an antique terracotta pot used as an umbrella stand at "Leonardo's", an aptly named Italian restaurant somewhere in London.

Professor Spottafake, an eminent art historian, had the cheek to question the possibility of an early 16th century Italian manuscript turning up in a late 20th century pasta joint. After a few glasses of Chianti, he dismissed the diary as the drunken ramblings of someone waiting too long for an order of Spaghetti Bolognese.

But it takes an expert in more than art history to tell the difference between age spots and gravy stains, and this is where one of "Leonardo's" regular customers, Alex Parsons, comes in. Thanks to Ms Parsons, we can all now enjoy the authentic flavour of 16th century Italy, and dine out on delicious, mouth-watering tales of flaking frescos, power-crazy popes, pushy patrons and that genius who was Leonardo da Vinci.
Publication Date:
03 / 08 / 1999
130 x 196mm

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