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    Some Enchanted Evening


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    Once upon a time three young princesses, Sorcha, Clarice and Amy, were sent away to different homes where they would be safe from war, but were lost. Their only hope is that Prince Rainger, Sorcha's betrothed who has travelled to England in search of them will succeed.

    Clarice Lilly is the second oldest princess. After years away she devised a scheme guaranteed to enable her and her younger sister to return home. Word of their con spreads, and they become wanted by a magistrate in England, so the sisters flee to Scotland. There they do their act, but one person stands in their way: Robert MacKenzie, the earl of Hepburn. He sees in Clarice the consummate swindler, and he's determined to reveal her. To keep a close watch on her, he brings her into his home. While Robert and Clarice fight their attraction to each other, danger stalks the sisters. When the vengeful English magistrate arrives, Robert must make a decision. Will he support the woman he loves and betray his principles, or will he leave her to face justice, as honour demands?

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