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    Lost White Tribes: Journeys Among the Forgotten

    By: Riccardo Orizio

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    Over three hundred years ago the first European colonists set foot in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean to found permanent outposts of the great empires. This epic migration continued after World War II when these tropical outposts became independent black nations, and the white colonials were forced, or chose, to return home.

    Some of these colonial descendants, however, had become outcasts in the poorest strata of the society of which they were now a part. Ignored by both the former slaves and modern privileged white immigrants, and unable to afford the long journey home they still hold out today, "lost white tribes" living in poverty with the proud myth of their colonial ancestors. Forced to marry within the tribe to retain their fair-skinned "purity" they are torn between the memory of past privileges and the present need to integrate into the surrounding society.

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