Love Affair by Leslie Kenton
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A unique memoir of a love affair between father and child, DANCING WITH THE DARK is set in the world of jazz clubs, dance halls and one-nighters, where lives can be lived on a razor's edge. The father: legendary jazz giant Stan Kenton. The daughter: health and beauty guru Leslie Kenton. This story takes off where other incest experiences end. you'll find no victims, no whining, and no need for forgiveness here. It honours the creative genius, humour and joy of a man whose fears and obsessions not only prevented him from fulfilling the deepest dreams he had for his music but ultimately destroyed his life. This book invites the reader into dark realms of guilt and tragedy as well as worlds of wonderment, joy and trasformation. This is a very personal memoir. Yet because it deals truthfully and honourably with the roles light and dark play in all our lives, it becomes a story of universal importance.
Publication Date:
01 / 03 / 2010

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