Love, Always

Love, Always by Harriet Evans
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234 x 153mm

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Natasha Kapoor's life is at a turning point as she heads down to the magical Cornish coast for the funeral of her beloved grandmother Frances. Pregnant with her first child, but facing the truth of her husband Oli's infidelity, time with her extended family should be comforting. But when Natasha discovers the lost diary of her aunt Cecily, who died in a tragic accident at the age of 14, she uncovers painful and shocking family secrets.
We can hear footsteps on the stairs. 'Take it,' Tariq says suddenly, as someone gets closer. 'It's all in there, you know.' He looks up at me, tiny black eyes piercing into me. 'This family is poisoned. They won't tell you, but they are.'
As a tragic tale emerges from the ashes of history, Natasha must make some life changing choices. Will she stay with the adulterous father of her child and how will she cope in the knowledge that the secrets from a generation ago could tear her family apart?
Publication Date:
01 / 11 / 2010
234 x 153mm

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