Loving Natalee: The True Story of The Aruba Kidnapping and its Aftermath

Loving Natalee: The True Story of The Aruba Kidnapping and its Aftermath by Beth Holloway
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111 x 178mm

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This book is destined for the top of the bestseller lists.

In May of 2005‚ Beth Holloway received the worst phone call a parent can imagine. Her beautiful daughter‚ Natalee Holloway‚ had disappeared without a trace in Aruba during her high school senior class trip. Two years later‚ for the very first time -- Beth Holloway stepped forward -- in this astonishingly candid and inspirational memoir to tell of her harrowing ordeal‚ and her never-ending belief in the power of hope against all odds which has given her a sense of deep faith she never could have found imaginable.

Everyone knows what Beth Holloway looks and sounds like. In 2005‚ the disappearance of her daughter and her almost single-handed campaign to find her and to seek justice‚ became the number one reported news story of the year‚ and is still making headlines around the world to this day. Still‚ Beth never spoke candidly to the media about her emotions and personal journey‚ choosing only to focus on the facts of her mission: to find her daughter‚ dead or alive. Two years later‚ with the publication of this book‚ Beth opened her heart and personal experiences with her readers and the public in a way that served not only as a gut-wrenching true crime story‚ but as an inspirational tale that helped everyone grasp her profoundly moving belief in the power of the faith that is derived from hope.
Publication Date:
01 / 07 / 2009
111 x 178mm

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