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    Low-Fat Cooking For Good Health

    By: Gloria Rose

    Date Released
    08 / 06 / 2000
    147 x 234 x 0mm

    Out of Print

    If you cook for someone who has diabetes, cancer, high cholesterol, hypertension, heart disease, or arthritis - If you need to cut down on the fat, oil, sugar, or salt content of your meals - Or if you are simply looking for a healthy change of pace in what you and your family eat - you're going to love Low-Fat Cooking for Good Health.

    Gloria Rose, director of the Gourmet Long Life Cooking Schools, has carefully designed and kitchen-tested traditional family favourites for maximum taste and nutrition, but with absolutely no added fat, sugar, or salt. She has created an easy-to-follow low-fat cookbook that offers over two hundred and twenty wonderful recipes - from a savoury onion soup to a hearty spinach mushroom lasagna.
    With Low-Fat Cooking for Good Health, Gloria proves that nutritious can be delicious.

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