Lucy Family Alphabet

Lucy Family Alphabet by Judith Lucy
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128 x 198mm

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Judith Lucy has always used stories about her extraordinary family as material for her one woman shows. Her mother was afraid of water and shampoo, ate only cream-cheese and raspberry cordial, and refused to let Judith go swimming or turn off any appliances. Her father wore makeup, loved car crashes and pretended to be retarded to get into the football for free.

And that was before she discovered she was adopted. At the age of 25. On Christmas Day. When her sister-in-law told her. Her childhood fantasy that these crazy people were not really her parents had actually come true! They weren't! But a fantasy for a child can be a nightmare for an adult, and this revelation left Lucy with some life-changing questions - not just 'Why didn't you mention it before now?' but 'Who are my parents, then?' and as a result, 'Who am I?'

From 'A is for Adoption' to 'Z is for Zorba', this extremely funny and ruthlessly honest tribute exposes the lunatics who gave Judith Lucy a hair-raising upbringing, but also a career.
Publication Date:
01 / 04 / 2009
128 x 198mm
Lucy Family Alphabet
What a wonderful story and what a wonderful way to present it. Judith Lucy presents a really candid look at her normal abnormal family with that typical Aussie humour that always has you thinking "That's hilarious but i shouldn't really be laughing now, should I?". There was many a time I thought "Yeah, that sounds familiar!". Fo anyone who has seen Judith Lucy perform either llive or on TV, you can almost hear her telling you each little alphabetised snippet.
, 28/05/2009

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