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    By: Geoff Ryman

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    What if you could have sex with anyone in the world?

    On the way home from the lab one night, Michael Blasco, a young scientist, spies an acquaintance he fancies. Idly, he imagines Tony naked and an extraordinary thing happens - Tony strips there and then on the platform and offers himself in front of all onlookers. Horrified, Michael flees. But back at his flat, Tony magically reappears. Then disappears, when Michael wishes him away.

    Michael knows an experiment at work when he sees one. He sets out to test the parameters of his new-found gift, rapidly calling up Billie Holliday, Johnny Weismuller, Lawrence of Arabia, Alexander the Great, Picasso, and even his younger self.

    Mad with lust and losing all scientific objectivity, he runs the gamut of his fantasies until, utterly sated but morally bankrupt, he's forced to confront the spent figure of himself. And maybe learn something - about life, about love, about the desire in all our souls that defines everything we do.

    From the renowned author of '253' comes a witty, disturbing and intensely erotic fable for the modern age. 'Lust' . . . Who would you choose?

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