Mad About The Boy

Mad About The Boy by Maggie Alderson
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128 x 198mm

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Of all the nightmare options that passed through Antonia Heaveringham's head when her husband Hugo uttered the words, 'I've got something to tell you . . .', a coming out speech never figured.

Suddenly alone in their adopted home of Sydney, with no friends save for her six-year-old son Tom and a pair of jewelled Jimmy Choo mules, Antonia soon finds that an attractive single woman is not nearly so welcome on the champagne social scene as the wife of a glamorous English aristocrat.

It is only the arrival of Hugo's outrageous lavender-haired Uncle Percy that lifts her out of her depression - and propels her into the gym to combat the effects of some serious comfort eating. There she meets the mysterious James, who leads her into a shadowy world of criminals, corruption and high-stakes property deals.

But what starts out as a lark leads her into a situation where keeping a secret becomes a matter of life, death - and love.
Publication Date:
01 / 09 / 2011
128 x 198mm
Mad About The Boy
Maggie Alderson knows how to write books that grab your attention and make you want to keep reading. Mad About The Boy is a story Australian women can relate to as the characters are real, if a little eccentric. It is about Antonia Heaveringham whose husband Hugo decides, after 10 years together and a son, to confess he is gay! As her life falls apart and she questions everything previously taken for granted, Antonia has to find herself and rebuild her life. Adjusting to the new scenario is made easier with the help of Hugo's Uncle Percy who is possibly the best character in this enjoyable book.
, 21/12/2008

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