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    By: Dan Vasella & Robert Slater

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    How a Tiny Orange Pill May Rewrite Medical History.

    Novartis chairman Dr Dan Vasella tells the remarkable story behind the revolutionary miracle cure for cancer, Gleevec, describing its development and how he and Novartis orchestrated the massive production and break-neck approval of the drug that could change the world.

    Pharmaceutical giant Novartis recently developed Gleevec, one of the first "smart" drugs created to kill cancer cells without damaging healthy cells in the process. In early tests, the drug has been overwhelmingly successful, with astoundingly minimal side effects.

    This is the inside story of Gleevec, told by Novartis CEO and chairman Dan Vasella. He recounts the drug's creation, the early tests and miraculous results, the clamour for FDA approval from patients worldwide, and the extraordinary efforts made by his company to get that approval and bring the drug to market in mass quantities and record time. He shares the personal stories of cancer sufferers who depend on Gleevec, and how their appeals inspired the break-neck production and distribution of this miracle drug.

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