Magnetic Information Storage Technology

Magnetic Information Storage Technology by Alex M. Taratorin

By: Alex M. Taratorin


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This text explains how hard disk drives operate, how billions of bytes of digital information are stored and accessed, and where the technology is going. In particular, the book emphasizes the most fundamental principles of magnetic information storage, including in-depth knowledge of both magnetics and signal processing methods. Magnetic Information Storage Technology contains many graphic illustrations and an introduction of alternative storage technologies, such as optic disk recording, holographic recording, semiconductor flash memory, and magnetic random access memory.Provides the fundamentals of magnetic information storage and contrasts it with a comparison of alternative storage technologiesAddresses the subject at the materials, device and system levelsAddresses the needs of the multi-billion-dollar-a year magnetic recording and information storage industryEmphasizes both theoretical and experimental conceptsCondenses current knowledge on magnetic information storage technology into one self-contained volumeSuitable for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as seasoned researchers, engineers and professionals in data and information storage fields
Publication Date:
24 / 05 / 1999

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