Magnetic Positioning Equations

Magnetic Positioning Equations by Mordechay Esh

By: Mordechay Esh

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In the study of Magnetic Positioning Equations, it is possible to calculate and create analytical expressions for the intensity of magnetic fields when the coordinates x, y and z are known; identifying the inverse expressions is more difficult. This book is designed to explore the discovery of how to get the coordinates of analytical expressions x, y and z when the intensity of the magnetic fields are known. The discovery also deals with the problem of how to analyze, define and design any type of transmitter along with its positioning equation(s).Presents new simple mathematical solution expressions. Describes how to solve analytically the 6D systems filingDefines practical multiple turns coil transmitters and their positioning equationsUses optimization methods with positioning equations to improve the sensitivity problemPresents more theoretical approach to define magnetic positioning equations
Publication Date:
29 / 06 / 2012

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