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    Make Way For Noddy: Hold On To Your Hat, Noddy Noddy And The New Taxi - CD


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    1 CD
    Read by Jan Francis

    In 'Hold On To Your Hat, Noddy', it's a windy day in Toy Town, causing Big-Ears no end of problems. To cheer him up, kind Noddy organises a party. But on the way to the fun, Noddy runs out of petrol! How can he get his little car to the party on time?

    In 'Noddy And The New Taxi', those naughty goblins have started a rival taxi firm . . . and it's free! Not only that, they also have a few nasty tricks up their sleeves to put poor Noddy out of business. Luckily, Big-Ears has an idea . . .

    This CD features the full productions of both these stories taken from the 'Make Way For Noddy' TV series. Listen as Jan Francis brings the Toy Town characters to life, with music and sound effects from the TV series.

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