Make Yourself a Millionaire

Make Yourself a Millionaire by Charles Zhang, Lynn Zhang
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Easy-to-follow personal finance guidelines--from American Express's #1-rated financial adviser

Charles Zhang became one of today's most nationally known and trusted financial advisers by stressing sanity and sensible investing over dubious, get-rich-quick tricks and schemes. In Make Yourself a Millionaire, Zhang transfers his program to the printed page. Far from a confusing, all-or-nothing approach, this book outlines a clear and rational approach to organizing and planning all aspects of a financial life.

How do different investments work? How much insurance is too much? Zhang answers these questions and more as he discusses:

Recommended investments for virtually any portfolio

Asset allocation techniques that work

Actual examples of success and disaster

The role of insurance as a key element in a portfolio

All major financial instruments: stocks, bonds, funds, REITs, cash
Publication Date:
17 / 03 / 2003

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