Making Your Future Work by Marcus Letcher

15 / 10 / 2002
135 x 200 x 17mm

How to find satisfaction, security and stability in the job market of the future.

We work in a world where more than one third of Australian employees work 50-59 hours per week, but where unemployment seems intractably fixed between 8% and 9%, a working world in which the number of full-time jobs has fallen over the past seven years, whilst the number of part-time positions has jumped by over a quarter.

It is clear that our working habits are in the process of dramatic and fundamental change. Overwork now seems to be the price many people pay for a full-time job, whilst unemployment has become a permanent feature of the working landscape. From the graphic statistics, it seems clear that work in the future will become increasingly part-time or temporary, offering little of the security, both psychological and financial, of the workplace of the past.

'Making Your Future Work' is an essential guide to this uncertain future. It examines the issues and trends which will create the workplace of tomorrow, and teaches us a revolutionary approach to work that can optimise your earning potential, create security and fulfil our need for creativity, career direction and self-esteem. Start making your future work, now.
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