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    By: Hwee Hwee Tan

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    Would you sell your soul for the dream job?

    That's the question that Chiah Deng must answer before she joins Mammon Inc., the world's largest company. As an Adapter, she'll teach executives how to cross cultures.

    It's a career that will launch her straight into the rarefied world of Hollywood stars, rock idols and fashion pundits. But before they make her a globo-boss, Mammon Inc. demands that she pass three tests: first, she has to turn herself into a trendzoid New Yorker; then she has to make her Chinese sister white, and teach her white room-mate Steve how to be Chinese.

    Torn between her Christian mentor at Oxford University and her demanding parents, Chiah Deng tries to find a way to straddle the gap between East and West, between chopsticks and credit cards.

    Witty and unique, 'Mammon Inc.' is a dark satire on our e-everything world.

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