Man in the Mirror: Vanhaerents Art Collection 3

Man in the Mirror: Vanhaerents Art Collection 3 by VARIOUS

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'Man in the Mirror' confronts different themes in contemporary art works with the song by Michael Jackson. The Vanhaerents Art Collection is a vast and reputed collection of modern art. The theme of this volume is "reflection". How do artists handle reflection and transformation and how do they integrate this in their art? What sense and meaning do they attribute to this intriguing theme? And how does the spectator perceive it? Text in English, French and Dutch. Also available: Sympathy for the Devil ISBN 9789401401500 AUTHOR: Emma Dexter is an art critic and has previously published books on Frida Kahlo and Luc Tuymans. Bjorn Scherlippens is an art critic and has published studies on Stefaan Dheedene, Nam Jun Paike and others. Walter Vanhaerents is an art collector and opened the Vanhaerents Art Collection in 2007. SELLING POINTS: ? Third volume of one of the most important Belgian private art collections, after 'Disorder in the House', ISBN 9789020991055, and 'Sympathy for the Devil', ISBN 9789401401500. ? With works by Franz Ackerman, James Lee Bryan, Dave Muller, Ryan Sullivan and many more
Publication Date:
01 / 05 / 2015

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