Managing Legal and Ethical Principles

Managing Legal and Ethical Principles by Elearn

By: Elearn

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Evidence suggests that a values based approach to management positively impacts employee engagement and motivation. As well as reducing an organisation's susceptibility to fraud and misconduct, ultimately, we all want to be proud of the organisation for which we work. Leadership organisations are recognising that this means moving beyond the simple goals of profit, and thinking about how they operate in relation to staff, customers, investors and the communities in which we all work. Law and ethics both have an influence on how we behave but they are far from the same thing. Many acts that would be widely condemned as unethical are not prohibited by law, betraying the confidence of a friend, for example. This book explores the most influential areas of this framework including the law relating to employment, consumer protection and product liability. * Discover how organisations adopt an ethical and values based approach to governance. * Assess the culture and values of your organisation and what effect they have on the behaviour of the organisation * Review the legal framework in which an organisation operates and the impact of this on your role as a manager * Minimise legal risk by familiarising yourself with essential legal principles relating to the management of contracts, negligence, employment law and product liability.* Authoritative but accessible and lively material* New, exciting and flexible approach to management development
Publication Date:
22 / 08 / 2006

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