Managing Politics at Work

Managing Politics at Work by Aryanne Oade

By: Aryanne Oade

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Do you want to acquire the knowledge, wisdom, skills and tactics which will give you greater influence in political situations at work? Perhaps you lack the confidence and know-how to handle the political element in your workplace. Perhaps you just want to make sense of the political behaviour you see going around you. Or perhaps you want to acquire a set of effective tools which will help you to work more productively with your colleagues in a highly political workplace environment. If so, this book is for you.Managing Politics at Work guides you through a highly practical, personal and insightful process. It will help you to recognise and manage political behaviour at work in situations where, if you don't respond effectively, you will end up losing personal power. The book will introduce you to an effective political toolkit which will enable you to: - Recognise and manage your own political behaviour more effectively. - Identify and handle political activity in your colleagues. - Recognise how to go about forming effective alliances and building influential relationships with politically minded colleagues. - Have increased choice about how you conduct yourself in situations where the political factor is a consideration. - Learn how to work effectively with others to get things done at work.
Publication Date:
04 / 09 / 2009

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