Managing Risk: The Human Resources Contribution

Managing Risk: The Human Resources Contribution by John Stevens

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This handbook is a one-stop guide that sets out a strategic approach to understanding, implementing and managing HR risks. Managing Risk: The HR Contribution will enable the user to understand how managing people risks will benefit their organization. It will also assist the user to put into place a practical policy for managing risks associated with employees from recruitment through to the close of the employee/employer relationship.This book will be of particular interest to organizations looking for a strategic, integrated approach linked to business risk management and corporate governance.* Provides guidance and practical advice to HR professionals about the enhanced contribution they can make to the management of risk within their organisations. * Outlines how to apply a risk-based approach within your organisation. * Uses case studies and checklists to highlight the key learning points and support action plan development.
Publication Date:
26 / 07 / 2005

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