Managing the Olympics

Managing the Olympics by Unknown

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The Olympics Games are the biggest and most significant mega-sport event in the world. Planning and then staging the Olympic Games is a highly complex task which is exasperated by the fact that the Games are continually moving and not held consecutively in the same city. This means that start-up knowledge is required for each Olympics. Given the massive scale, scope and complexity of the Games it is surprising that very little research has been published that explores how the event is managed and organised. While the Games themselves are held over two weeks, the planning and preparation from bid stage to completion can be more than a decade in the making. The express purpose of this volume is to critically examine the planning, management and operation of the Olympic Games as the world's premier mega-sport event. The authors analyse and discuss how Olympic organisers and related stakeholders might effectively manage and deliver the Games, taking into account what has been learned from previous Olympics as well as the emergence of models of best practice from the management, project management and sport management literature.
Publication Date:
23 / 07 / 2013

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