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    By: Stephen Baxter

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    Award-winning author Stephen Baxter takes us to the heart of the Manifold with 'Origin', the third and final book in the series. At last the hidden resolution of the Fermi paradox concerning the existence of extra-terrestrials - "if they existed, they would be here" - is revealed in all its stunning significance.

    What kind of power hangs a new moon in our sky?

    NASA astronaut Reid Malenfant is flying a military jet over Africa when a vast electric-blue circle appears in the air - and the Red Moon dramatically replaces our ancient, cherished moon. Malenfant's plane is destroyed as he chases the alien circle of light. Though Malenfant survives, his wife Emma is swept up and hurled towards the Red Moon.

    Through the months of floods and earthquakes that follow Malenfant single-mindedly lobbies for a moonshot to rescue her. He's heading for the Red Moon, where time and space converge, the origin of the manifold.

    Few writers can combine mind-bending scientific speculation with breathtaking adventure like Stephen Baxter. His 'Manifold' series brings together in spellbinding fiction some of the most advanced ideas in cosmology today. 'Origin' is both the culmination of the series and a spectacular story of the many universes we inhabit.

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