Maritime Transportation: Safety Management and Risk Analysis

Maritime Transportation: Safety Management and Risk Analysis by Svein Kristiansen

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Shipping and marine transportation is a highly regulated global industry. With heightened public awareness of the environmental and human cost of marine accidents, and tighter legislation from governments and international bodies on ships and shipping operations, the safe and efficient operation of ships is a priority for all ship builders, owners and operators. This book is the essential guide to the safety of maritime transportation for anyone in the field.The book covers all aspects of maritime risk and safety from engineering and operational perspectives, as well as regulatory and health and safety requirements. It addresses the needs of both professionals and students working in the related fields of shipping management, ship design and naval architecture and transport management, as well as fields including safety management, insurance and accident investigation.* A high profile subject of great international concern* The only text to deal with safety management of marine transport in detail* Covers internationally agreed standards and requirements
Publication Date:
22 / 11 / 2004

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