Market-Led Strategic Change

Market-Led Strategic Change by Nigel F. Piercy

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The fourth edition of the best seller, Market-Led Strategic Change, confronts the real issues companies face in going to market effectively and profitably, including: * corporate social responsibility * marketing under siege * dominant customers and much else besides.In his witty and direct style, Nigel Piercy takes into account state-of-the-art thinking, including nine new case studies providing invaluable lessons from global firms: * Tata * EMI and the music business * Cloud computing * IBM * BAA * Rover cars * Tesco in the USA * Mittal and global steel * One-Laptop-Per-Child. The book confronts the critical issues now faced in strategic marketing: * escalating customer demands driving the imperative for superior value * totally integrated marketing to deliver customer value * the diffusion of Internet-related issues throughout marketing* managing processes like planning and budgeting to achieve effective implementationAt once pragmatic, cutting-edge and thought-provoking, Market-Led Strategic Change is essential reading for all managers, students and lecturers seeking a definitive guide to the demands and challenges of strategic marketing in the 21st century.Tutor Resource pack available at* Radical update of seminal and best selling text, popular with practitioners, students and lecturers alike * Updated cases and improved structure and contents makes for contemporary and vital reading * All new tutor resource pack adds extra support for lecturers, enabling easy use in the classroom
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11 / 11 / 2008

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