Marketing Demystified

Marketing Demystified by Donna Anselmo
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The goal of marketing is simple: attract customers who will purchase your product. Getting there, though, isn't so easy. Real marketing success involves a strong foundation in everything from planning, advertising, and publicity to Internet strategies, database management, and more. Enter Marketing DeMystified. Addressing every step of the process in plain English, it helps you master all the tools at your disposal to cultivate strong brand awareness, maximize profits, and build lasting customer loyalty. Featuring realworld examples, end-of-chapter quizzes, and a final exam, Marketing DeMystified is the fuel you need to power up your marketing machine and start producing results.

This fast and easy guide covers:

Marketing’s four Ps . . . plus three—planning, positioning, and people

Tactics for organizing a research-driven campaign

Strategies for leading a marketing team

Techniques for branding from the inside out

Case studies of marketing successes and failures

Simple enough for a novice or student, but challenging enough for a veteran marketing manager, Marketing DeMystified is the most thorough and simple shortcut to decoding key marketing concepts and principles.
Publication Date:
16 / 08 / 2010

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