Marketing to the Ageing Consumer

Marketing to the Ageing Consumer by Dick Stroud, Kim Walker

By: Dick Stroud, Kim Walker

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Unlock customer value by making your business age-friendly.The world's population is ageing at a rate never before seen in history. Marketing tothe Ageing Consumer is the executives' guide to understanding and benefitting from this phenomenon.Fact: During the next two decades, older consumers will be the primary drivers of consumer expenditure in Europe and the US.Fact: Asia Pacific has the oldest and fastest growing population of older people.Fact: Older people have one thing in common - they are all experiencing physical ageing that determines what and how they purchase.Fact: Ageing physiology will demand changes across the spectrum of customer touchpoints for products and services of almost every marketing company.Age-marketing experts, Dick Stroud and Kim Walker, present the first and most comprehensive account of how the ageing of the consumers' minds, bodies and senses determine the products they purchase. The authors explain how ageing affects all parts of the customer experience. Their findings represent a fundamental - and surprising - shift in many paradigms of modern marketing.Full of illuminating case studies and practical tips, Marketing to the Ageing Consumerprovides companies with the tools and knowledge to perform their own audit of 'age-friendliness' enabling them to adapt to the rapidly changing demands of their customers.
Publication Date:
15 / 12 / 2012

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