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Are you about to undertake a one semester or short course in marketing? If so, 'Marketing: The One Semester Introduction' is the book for you! Written by two of the most experienced and respected authors of the subject in the UK, it is specifically designed for those wanting a rapid and thorough introduction to marketing.This book: is based on vast teaching experience and classroom testing to ensure that it precisely meets the needs of the business studies or modular marketing student provides authoritative coverage of the subject, yet avoids becoming entangled in a mass of extra theory that may prove unhelpful for preliminary study has an international viewpoint that guides the reader to the very heart of contemporary global marketing issues'Marketing: The One Semester Introduction' provides exactly the right amount of theory and information to ensure rapid and high quality learning. With its succinct and clear style, the book represents an indispensable starting point for students of business studies and marketing.Designed for those taking a first course in marketing and focusing on the needs of the business studies/modular studentCoverage that is authoritative but does not include the mass of extra theory that is not of interestProvides an international view that takes the reader to the heart of contemporary global marketing issues.
Publication Date:
30 / 10 / 2001

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