Camp Rock 'N' Roll by Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
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199 x 150mm

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Part one of a great two-book diary series featuring Mary-Kate and Ashley as you've never seen them before. School's out for summer and they're off to a music camp. Remember Pop Idol? Well, this time, it's Mary-Kate and Ashley's turn!

Mary-Kate and Ashley are off to a summer camp with a difference. It's called Camp Rock 'n' Roll, and it rocks! Everyone has to be part of a girl band and take part in a Pop Idol-style competition to find the winner. Mary-Kate is determined to be the singing star in her group, but one of the other girls, Lark, turns out to be the daughter of a famous rock star and she's inherited his great voice. Sounds like she'd be way better than Mary-Kate, but she's too shy to perform!

Meanwhile, Ashley can't even get the other members of her band to agree on a name, never mind anything else. This music holiday camp is turning out to be hard work!

Age 7+
Publication Date:
30 / 11 / 2005
199 x 150mm

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