Master Data Management by David Loshin

By: David Loshin

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The key to a successful MDM initiative isn't technology or methods, it's people: the stakeholders in the organization and their complex ownership of the data that the initiative will affect.Master Data Management equips you with a deeply practical, business-focused way of thinking about MDM-an understanding that will greatly enhance your ability to communicate with stakeholders and win their support. Moreover, it will help you deserve their support: you'll master all the details involved in planning and executing an MDM project that leads to measurable improvements in business productivity and effectiveness.* Presents a comprehensive roadmap that you can adapt to any MDM project.* Emphasizes the critical goal of maintaining and improving data quality.* Provides guidelines for determining which data to "master. Examines special issues relating to master data metadata.* Considers a range of MDM architectural styles.* Covers the synchronization of master data across the application infrastructure.
Publication Date:
28 / 07 / 2010

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