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    By: Gabriel B. Costa, Richard Bronson

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    Matrix Methods: Applied Linear Algebra, 3e, as a textbook, provides a unique and comprehensive balance between the theory and computation of matrices. The application of matrices is not just for mathematicians. The use by other disciplines has grown dramatically over the years in response to the rapid changes in technology. Matrix methods is the essence of linear algebra and is what is used to help physical scientists; chemists, physicists, engineers, statisticians, and economists solve real world problems.

    * Applications like Markov chains, graph theory and Leontief Models are placed in early chapters
    * Readability- The prerequisite for most of the material is a firm understanding of algebra
    * New chapters on Linear Programming and Markov Chains
    * Appendix referencing the use of technology, with special emphasis on computer algebra systems (CAS) MATLAB

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