Maximizing The Enterprise Information Assets

Maximizing The Enterprise Information Assets by Christine Sevilla

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The ramifications of this new Information Age are still not well understood. Most businesses do not know how to turn their information into a beneficial capital asset. Unfortunately, their focus has been almost exclusively on technology, while human and managerial factors are left unexplored.Maximizing the Enterprise Information Assets defines practical, winning techniques for building an environment that takes advantage of all of a company's information resources. This innovative work defines information assets not only as patents, trade secrets, and marketing data, but as all information contained within a company.This groundbreaking book:* Defines information assets* Identifies barriers that lessen information's value* Explains how information can be strategically distributed* Describes the relationship between information and strategic planning* Explores methods to exchange valuable information among employeesCorporate officers, directors, and IT managers will find this book invaluable for creating a positive, profitable work environment in which information assets are properly managed and distributed, encouraging revenue growth and worker satisfaction.
Publication Date:
27 / 05 / 2003

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