Mayson, French & Ryan on Company Law

Mayson, French & Ryan on Company Law by Stephen Mayson

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Combining technical detail with a clear and easy-to-follow writing style, this new edition of Mayson, French & Ryan on Company Law continues to provide an excellent grounding in all aspects of company law, making it the go-to text for students and practitioners alike. The only company law textbook to be updated annually, Mayson, French & Ryan on Company Law enables you to confidently approach this sometimes complex area of study. With chapter summary points and a useful 'what is in this chapter' feature, Mayson, French & Ryan is easy to use and presents information in a readily accessible and compact format. An accompanying Online Resource Centre provides further support with regular updates. In this highly readable account, areas of uncertainty and ambiguity are treated in detail, with quotations from important cases used to accompany discussions and illustrate the practical implications of the law. From the classroom to the boardroom, Mayson, French & Ryan is the ideal learning aid and reference guide for all the central issues of company law.
Publication Date:
23 / 08 / 2012

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