McGraw-Hill Education 6 GRE Practice Tests, 2nd Edition

McGraw-Hill Education 6 GRE Practice Tests, 2nd Edition by Christopher Thomas, Kathy Zahler

By: Christopher Thomas, Kathy Zahler

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Here is the test-taking practice you need for success on the GRE

To achieve your highest possible score on the GRE, you need the best tools to prepare you for exam day. Written by two seasoned test-prep experts, McGraw- Hill Education: 6 GRE Practice Tests provides you with intensive GRE review to help you improve your scores from one test to the next. You also get access to the new, FREE McGraw-Hill Education interactive Study Planner app that enables you to customize your study schedule on your mobile device--with daily practice assignment notifications--based on the exam date and the amount of material you wish to cover. You'll sharpen your skills, boost your confidence, reduce your stress, and do your very best on test day.

McGraw-Hill Education: 6 GRE Practice Tests offers you:

6 complete sample GRE exams

FREE interactive Study Planner app

Full explanations for every answer

12 sample writing prompts for the Analytical Writing essays

Sample high-scoring essays
Publication Date:
11 / 04 / 2014

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