McGraw-Hill Education GRE Premium, 2015 Edition

McGraw-Hill Education GRE Premium, 2015 Edition by Erfun Geula

By: Erfun Geula

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Let McGraw-Hill Education's GRE Premium Program help you achieve your highest score.

This print-book and digital-media package boasts a comprehensive review, test-busting tools and strategies, extensive practice questions, and full-length practice exams--combined with the convenience of mobile apps--that will help you get into the graduate school of your dreams.

McGraw-Hill Education: GRE Premium's innovative approach guides you through a comprehensive preparation program that you can tailor to your academic lifestyle.

Obsessed with practice tests?

You'll find a diagnostic test in the book and 5 more tests via the companion app and online.

Like to study on the go?

Use the Premium Practice Test App on your tablet or smartphone.

Wondering how to organize your studies?

Customize your study plan with the Test Planner app.
Publication Date:
15 / 05 / 2014

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