McGraw-Hill Education TASC

McGraw-Hill Education TASC by Thomas Evangelist, Kathy Zahler

By: Thomas Evangelist, Kathy Zahler

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The only TASC guide authorized by the test-makers

If you’re looking for the most reliable guide to the TASC, you’ve found it! McGraw Hill Education TASC is the only TASC guide authorized by CTB/McGraw-Hill---the people who make the test. It’s packed with everything you need to succeed on the test---and get the high school credential you want.

Only this guide can show you exactly what to expect on the test, tell you how the test is scored, and give you authentic TASC questions for practice. That makes this bestselling guide your most reliable and accurate source for everything you need to know about the TASC.

These great features make McGraw-Hill Education TASC the test takers’ #1 choice:

Concise reviews of all test topics

Full-length practice TASC test sections with complete explanations

Pretest in every subject to help you plan your study

Exclusive: REAL TASC questions for practice---straight from the test makers

For your TASC test prep program, nothing beats the official guide!
Publication Date:
05 / 02 / 2014

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