McGraw-Hill's Concise Guide to Writing Research Papers

McGraw-Hill's Concise Guide to Writing Research Papers by Carol Ellison
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Write an effective research paper--no sweat!

The words “research paper” may send a chill down your spine. You're thinking about the hours of research and the days of writing ahead-and that's after wringing your hands about the topic! Never fear, this concise resource will guide you through the process step-by-step and make the experience painless. With veteran composition instructor Carol Ellison's advice, you'll be able to create a thought-provoking research paper that will get you the best possible grade!

McGraw-Hill's Concise Guide to Writing Research Papers gives you the tools to:

Organize a helpful outline before you write

Find solid evidence at the library and on the Internet to back up your thesis

Write effective sentences to support your topic

Replace common phrases with attention-drawing wording to properly articulate your ideas

Use smooth transitions between paragraphs to keep your paper flowing

Craft eloquent summaries and conclusions

Avoid accidental incidences of plagiarism

Run a thorough check over your research paper before you hand it in
Publication Date:
11 / 01 / 2010

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