McGraw-Hill's SAT, 2011 Edition

McGraw-Hill's SAT, 2011 Edition by Mark Anestis, Christopher Black

By: Mark Anestis, Christopher Black

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For the 1.5 million students who take the exam each year, McGraw-Hill's SAT now has more features and interactive test-taking practice online!

McGraw-Hill's SAT is now equipped with new additions to better meet students' needs. The guide teaches critical thinking skills designed to help students solve any SAT problem. And it provides test-taking practice with questions just like those on the real SAT.

New! Two complete interactive practice tests online (in addition to the 4 tests in the book).

New: Eight-page Welcome section including “How to Use This Book,” “SAT Study Plan,” “Getting the Most from the Online Tests,” and more.

4 full-length practice SATs with fully explained answers.

Detailed 10-week study plan.

Pull-out "Smart Cards” for easy subject review.

Christopher Black (Greenwich, CT) is the founder of College Hill Coaching.

Mark Anestis (Middletown, CT) is an exam tutor and the author of 5 Steps to a 5: AP Biology.
Publication Date:
11 / 06 / 2010

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