McGraw-Hill's Top 50 Skills For A Top Score: ASVAB Reading and Math

McGraw-Hill's Top 50 Skills For A Top Score: ASVAB Reading and Math by Dr. Janet Wall

By: Dr. Janet Wall

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Target the 50 key skills to ace the reading and math sections of the ASVAB

McGraw-Hill's Top 50 Reading and Math Skills for ASVAB Success focuses directly on sharpening a defined list of specific skills that can add points to your score. It breaks up instructional material into short, easy-to-handle chunks. Within each lesson, problems of gradually increasing difficulty help you build your problem-solving skills. A posttest helps you check their mastery of each skill. Created by a former key member of the Department of Defense ASVAB development team, this guide also includes a CD-ROM with two additional 50-question posttests.

Extra help and practice with every concept topic tested on the ASVAB

Strategies for answering all multiple-choice and constructed response math question types on the SAT

Small bits of information make a quick review--you can do one skill a day or a week and track your progress accordingly

Inside you'll find: 50 Top Skills Checklist; About the Pretest; Taking the ASVAB; ASVAB question types; 50-item Pretest Skills 1 - 50; Table of Formulas; 50-item Posttest I; Answers and Solutions; Computation Review; Table of Measurements; ASVAB Vocabulary; Word Roots; Prefixes; and Suffixes.
Publication Date:
12 / 10 / 2010

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