Mechatronics by Godfrey Onwubolu

By: Godfrey Onwubolu

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Mechatronics is a core subject for engineers, combining elements of mechanical and electronic engineering into the development of computer-controlled mechanical devices such as DVD players or anti-lock braking systems. This book is the most comprehensive text available for both mechanical and electrical engineering students and will enable them to engage fully with all stages of mechatronic system design. It offers broader and more integrated coverage than other books in the field with practical examples, case studies and exercises throughout and an Instructor's Manual. A further key feature of the book is its integrated coverage of programming the PIC microcontroller, and the use of MATLAB and Simulink programming and modelling, along with code files for downloading from the accompanying website.* Integrated coverage of PIC microcontroller programming, MATLAB and Simulink modelling* Fully developed student exercises, detailed practical examples* Accompanying website with Instructor's Manual, downloadable code and image bank
Publication Date:
25 / 05 / 2005

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